I founded Cognitive Hypnotherapy so I could teach a way of helping people that recognised that each person has to be treated as a unique individual, using techniques that are suited to them, not just the label that people use to describe their problem. What has evolved is an approach that can work quickly to bring permanent improvement. Could it be what you’re looking for?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Winning Mind Coaching is a way of helping motivated people excel within their sport by utilising the power of the mind to create the best physical and mental conditions for success. There is always better within you, and now should be the time to let it out.

Sports Performance

Business or Life Coaching with a difference. Aiming yourself at a goal is not enough to achieve it. By learning how to create a flow state, where your strengths meet your challenges, means that you can reach wherever you aim, whether in your business or in your life as a whole.

Project YOU

Relationship Coaching in a powerful programme that will help you learn what you need to about yourself and your partner that can transform your relationship – and help you remove any personal stuff that gets in your way.

Project You2