Welcome to my site. Choosing the right therapist or coach is a key step in achieving whatever need brought you here, so I’ve done my best to provide you with what I hope will help you decide if I’m the right person for you.

I love helping people become better at being themselves by letting go of anything that limits them or reduces their quality of life. My clients come with a wide range of problems or goals, probably including yours, so if you are committed to changing I can probably help. My guarantee is that, after our first session, if either of us doesn’t think I can help you, the session is free. My rate is ¬£240 per session. The first usually lasts for 90 minutes, and subsequent ones 60-75 minutes.

Much of my time is spent training people to become Cognitive Hypnotherapists through the Quest Institute and researching and writing my books and magazine articles. I’m also the voice of ThinkingSlimmer’s Slimpods,¬†Because of this I’m afraid I’m left with only a finite amount of time (Fridays) to see clients for therapy and coaching in my office in Harley Street, so there is usually a waiting time before a first appointment of about 4-6 weeks.

I do have a network of Cognitive Hypnotherapists that we’ve trained, so if you’d like us to recommend someone for you, please contact us by email or ring Rebecca on 0333 6000 350. You can also read more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy and subscribe to our Cognitive Hypnotherapy magazine.
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